Fumaric Acid

Fumaric Acid


Fumaric Acid is an unsaturated dicarboxylic acid. It is the E (trans) stereoisomer of maleic acid. It is a food additive used as a pH regulator, found in beverages, baking powders and also in animal feed. It gives the products a slight fruity acid taste. In industry it is used in polyester resins and plasticizers.

Our products are for industrial use only (we don’t sell to private individuals).

  • formula : C4H4O4
  • content : 99.5% min
  • CAS : 110-17-8
  • EINECS : 203-743-0
  • Ecode : E297 / 1a297

Packaging: sac 25 kg

Conditionnments: Out-of-Stock


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Fumaric Acid

Fumaric Acid


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